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How does high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid radiate the complexion?

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Hochmolekulare Hyaluronsäure

Wie bringt hochmolekulare Hyaluronsäure den Teint zum Strahlen?

Depending on the lifestyle, disposition and skin type, the first small lines of the face appear from a certain age. The skin is getting drier and not as elastic as it used to be. With a targeted skin care you can provide your skin with additional moisture. A substance that should not be missing is hyaluronic acid. We explain how your own substance can give you a youthful, fresh look and what high-molecular hyaluronic acid is.

The Beautylines Hyaluron Booster contains, among other things, high and low molecular weight hyaluron, thus ensuring the perfect supply of moisture to the skin.