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The power of Aloe Vera!

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Die Kraft der Aloe Vera Pflanze!

The power of the Aloe Vera plant!

The sheer leaves of the desert plant contain a water reservoir containing about 160 precious life-building blocks that have been discovered by science to this day, which penetrate deeply into the skin and exert their protective and caring effect there.The pulp obtained from the leaves is rich in substances such as vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids, enzymes and promoting ferments.

For this reason, the ancient Egyptians concluded more than 3,500 years ago that these abilities also benefit the treatment of the human organism and, above all, the skin.
Because of the many ingredients (including minerals, trace elements, vitamins), Aloe vera juice is regarded as a food supplement with a particularly strengthening and rejuvenating effect (the Mayans have given the name “Source of Youth” to the aloe).

Aloe Vera comes from the subtropical desert regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America, where she has learned in the thousands of years of her development to protect her precious interior from environmental influences. The plant itself forms its nutrients and stores the water it needs to survive. Of the approximately 300 plant species, the "Aloe Vera barbadensis miller" is considered the most effective.In addition to the entire plant, aloe vera is also called the gel-like interior of the plant.