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Faceless doll faces and facelift scars are out! In contrast, small wrinkles do not subtly reduce. With hyaluronic acid they gently and naturally cushion. We recommend our great Hyaluron drink for breakfast. The balanced combination of nutrients not only provides your body with sufficient hyaluronic acid but with many other important vitamins.

The imagination for taking but are no limits. You can mix the daily 10 ml also wonderful with other drinks. Our personal favorite smoothie recipes to add even more vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytochemicals to our health and well-being.

Hyaluron Drink mixed drink recipes can be found in our Blog!

Why to drink?

Of course, there are many serums and creams with hyaluronic acid that can be effective and are constantly applied to the skin through regular facial application. But this only reaches the third of seven layers of skin at most. The effect is thus only superficial.

Could you also drink a commercial hyaluronic acid for the face?

No! Because the body can not pick up the large molecule of high weight via the oral route and transport it to the skin and joints. Products for the face are mostly not vegan. Of the preservatives you drink in addition, quite apart.

Why can hyaluronic acid be absorbed by the body in beautylines Hyaluron Drink?

The hyaluronic acid in beautylines Hyaluron Drink is high-molecular, homogeneous and biotechnologically fermented. Thus, it shows a higher oral availability and has the highest structural similarity to the body's own hyaluronic acid.

Why liquid and not in capsule form?

The adult human body consists of about 70% water. For this reason, nutrients dissolved in water have a much higher bioavailability and can be better absorbed by the cells of the body.

Is water stored by oral hyaluronic acid?

The beautylines Hyaluron Drink gives the skin more hyaluronic acid and stores more moisture again. As a result, wrinkles are closed again. The skin becomes young and taut again. However, weight gain or water retention need not be feared, since the hyaluron level is regulated by the body itself. Swelling of the skin is not possible.

How is it that the hyaluronic acid in beautylines Hyaluron drink is really absorbed by the body?

Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate, more specifically a long-chain mucopolysaccharide. Part of the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid is cleaved by an enzyme present in the saliva. This enzymatic cleavage allows the hyaluronic acid to pass through the stomach without damage. The actual digestion then takes place in the small intestine. Here, the split hyaluronic acid molecules as well as other nutrients are absorbed and added to the bloodstream. Subsequently, the micro-components are released into the dermis and into the connective tissue cells, where the moisture content is then replenished in the cell interstices.

How long should you take the Hyaluron Drink?

For our stated consumption of 10 ml daily, there is no time limit for this unique nutrient combination of the Hyaluron Drink. As a minimum 50-day treatment, it can be used indefinitely as a balanced Nutrikosmetikprodukt expand the daily nutritional needs. Due to the moisture-binding properties, we recommend that you ensure adequate hydration during the intake period.

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Hyaluron Drink - fill up your hyaluron