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How do I best use the beautylines Eyelash Activator? How should I apply it?

The serum must be applied once a day to the oil and fat-free area on the eyelashes. The serum should wet the lashes where you would otherwise use a Kohl pencil or eyeliner.
Make absolutely sure that nothing gets in the eye! The beautylines Eyelash Activator Serum applicator, which is slightly thicker than conventional eye brushes will help you. Additionally wipe of the applicator well! What’s now on the applicator is enough for both eyes!
Less is more! If you spend a lot on it is just the probability of getting something in the eye. This should not happen under any circumstances.

When will I notice the first difference?

On average, one must assume a timeframe of 4-6 weeks for the initial results. But regardless of success, it is important that you use the serum daily for the first 12 weeks. Each day of the growth phase your eyelash needs the information of the Beautylines Serum so that maximum growth can be achieved.

Worth of knowledge:
Each individual eyelash grows on average about 6-8 weeks. After that, it persists for about two weeks before it atrophies and eventually falls out. This phase may take up to 3 months. Therefore, it is important to use the beautyline Eyelash Serum during the first 3 months of real daily use to achieve maximum growth.

What should I watch out for when applying?

From our experience, we recommend you use the Beautylines Eyelash Serum in the morning. Why? Usually we put on make-up in the evening. This is done with specially designed make-up products (which are mostly oil or silicone-containing) or high-quality oils such as coconut oil, etc. There is often a source of error here if someone says: for me, the serum does not help ..., nothing happens to me.

Important: oil clogs the pores and if you do not clean the area again, the complex of active ingredients of the serum cannot reach the hair root for the effect to unfold there. If you clean it too often, the skin is automatically strained, which, in turn, can be a cause of irritated eyes.

If you use it in the morning you can exclude both sources of error!! Many of our clients report that they clean their face in the morning. Then apply the serum sparingly as described. During the exposure period of 1-2 minutes simply brush the teeth, for example, so you save time. After that, you can apply the individual care products, make-up … etc. Just do everything you’ve done.

Should I stop use after 3 months?

If you have used the Beautylines Eyelash Serum each day for 3 months, you will not need to use it daily anymore. In order to maintain your wonderful length, you should continue to use the serum 3-5 times a week. This is how you can get the result of long eyelashes.

What happens if I completely stop?

Your natural growth cycle will resume. That means your eyelash length will return to its origin. Just like the starting position.

My girlfriend has had longer eyelashes for 5 weeks now but I cannot see anything at all! is it possible that it will not help me?

The growth of the eyelash depends on various factors. When you start with the Beautylines Eyelash Serum, you do not know in which phase of growth the eyelash currently is. This can affect how long it takes to see initial success. The strength, length, density, color and texture of an eyelash is genetically predetermined for each human being.
This individual genetic program is predefined and for this reason growth is also individual. Just like there’s a difference between a 17-year-old girl using the serum compared to a 70-year-old lady. The beautyline Eyelash Serum works on everyone if used correctly. Some people simply have to show a little more patience however which is always rewarded with longer eyelashes.

Do the eyelashes then grow to infinity?

No, as mentioned, the growth of the hair is genetically predetermined. The beautylines eyelash serum prolongs the growth phase. Depending on how your own predisposition is, as long as the eyelashes grow, but not infinite.

WIf I apply more, will the eyelashes grow faster?

Clearly: NO!
This is an application error that unfortunately happens very often.
If I apply a lot, if I use the serum several times a day ... it will not grow faster! There is only a greater likelihood that something of the serum will be in the eye, and that should by no means happen. If applied too much, irritation, swelling and red eyes could be the worst case.

Less is more in this case !!

I have a party in 2 weeks and would like to have longer eyelashes by then. Is this possible? Because of this, I use it many times a day:

This is a really short time setting and will most likely, even by doubling the dose, not accelerate development of the eyelashes. And for the reasons mentioned above, it is also not advisable. On average, you have to expect 4-6 weeks of use for you to see significant progress. If you want to have long eyelashes at short notice we recommend an eyelash extension to a professional eyelash studio. An eyelash wave or eyelash lift can also help to make eyelashes appear longer. More information on this in the next paragraph.

I wear artificial eyelashes, tolerates the beautylines eyelash serum with the lashes?

Yes absolutely! First, our eyelash serum is oil and grease free and compatible with any commercial eyelash adhesive. A professional lash stylist will always recommend an eyelash serum because it is easier for her to work better on a healthy, strong eyelash. In addition, it is nice if the eyelashes are longer, even if only on the lower eyelash, where it can be difficult or almost impossible to adhere.

Our guiding principle is: One thing does not exclude the other. Many simply love this mega dramatic look and that is definitely justified. In order to protect and care for your own eyelashes, it is almost mandatory to use the eyelash serum.

I wear contact lenses can I still use the beauty eyelashes serum?

As the serum is only applied to the eyelid, directly on the hairline of the eyelashes, and does not come into the eye due to your economical use, contact lens carriers can safely use the serum. As a precaution, wait until the beautyline eyelashes serum have completely retracted.

What about Permanent Make up ?

If you have just had a permanent make-up, wait until it is completely healed and then start treatment. Apply to an existing PMU without concern.

Can I dye my eyelashes now?

Yes, of course! Eyelash dyeing, eyelash lifting, lash Botox, eyelash wave ... all this will only bring your longer eyelashes into the spotlight.

Does it also help with the eyebrows?

You can also use the beautylines eyelash serum for eyebrows. Experience shows that it will take a bit longer until you see successes. Does not work on scar tissue!


What if something gets in the eye?

If you get something in your eye rinse it all out with lukewarm water.

When should I not use the beautylines eyelash serum?

Since we do not perform any tests on animals or pregnant women, we do not recommend use of Beautylines Eyelash Serum during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Similarly, discontinue or do not use during chemotherapy. After chemotherapy is completed, Beautylines Eyelash Serum is absolutely recommendable. If there is a known intolerance to any ingredient, you should not use the serum. If you have an eye condition, please ask your doctor.


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