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Eyelash Activator 6ml

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Eyelash & Eyebrow Activator 6ml / 0,2 fl.oz.
with Boost Formula 2.0


Wimpern Serum Beschreibung


Experience your eyelashes in a new dimension! The new formula of the beautylines Eyelash Serum convinces with its unique mode of action. The active substance complexes of the beautylines Eyelash Serum have been further developed and optimized.The modified molecular formula of the active ingredients brings your eyelashes and eyebrows to the highest level and makes them appear in an unprecedented splendor! The active ingredients further prolong the hair growth cycle of eyelashes and eyebrows to give the eyelashes and eyebrows even longer to grow. After 12 weeks of use, your eyelashes and eyebrows will show their maximum length and volume.


Now your patience will be rewarded and you will have long and full eyelashes. How fast you can expect visibly longer eyelashes depends on your hair follicles and your age. Important is the continuous daily application for 12 weeks. After this time your eyelashes and eyebrows will have reached maximum growth and volume. Please continue to use the serum 3-5 times a week in order to reach your wonderful eyelash length.
If you stop taking the beautylines Eyelash Serum completely, your eyelashes and eyebrows will slowly return to their original length and density. The increased and active growth of your hair follicles takes more space and generates energy. This could be affected by slight reddening and irritation.Freshly pressed Aloe Vera gel is used as a base substance, which prevents irritation and reddening during use.


A perfect result can only be achieved with a regular application.Your hair follicles need to be informed daily about the active substances in order to develop accordingly.


6ml /0,2 fl. oz. (the content is approximately for a 10 month application)

Please submit dealer prices/staggered prices after the presentation of your trading licence directly at +43 664 88679763 or under office@beautylines.eu !

Wimpern Serum Anwendung

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Eyelash Activator Infoflyer ENG

Here is a brief description of our eyelash serum with some questions and answers (ENGLISH VERSION)

Download (767.49k)

Eyelash Activator Infoflyer DE

Here is a brief description of our eyelash serum with some questions and answers (GERMAN VERSION)

Download (766.13k)

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