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Hair Activator Capsules 120Stk

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Hair Activator Capsules
120 pcs


Hair Activator Beschreibung


The natural way to healthy hair: strong, healthy hair shape the external appearance decisively. Full strong Hair stands for health, vitality and youth. Naturally the causes of hair loss are not always accurate determine. Both genetics and hormonal changes and the natural aging process play here in men and women a role. It also turned out that just people in the developed world of hair loss are plagued and this is a big problem.

The valuable ingredients

The fenugreek seeds produce mucilage, or so-called saponin Steroid saponin, especially diosgenin or its precursor, foenugraecin, is a herbal hormone. The phytohormone from fenugreek is very similar to the human hormone and presumably promotes or regulates the body’s own hormone production

:: Vitamin C – known as an antioxidant and immune booster

:: Calcium – binds fatty acids in the intestine, regulates metabolism and is an important bone component

:: Iron – hematopoietic and important for oxygenation within the organism

:: Vitamin B6 – important for amino acid metabolism, regulates nerve conductivity, promotes healthy skin

:: Magnesium – indispensable for the metabolism of fat, as well as for the function of muscles and nerves

:: Proteins – are broken down into amino acids during digestion and then re-synthesized. Among other things, they promote muscle growth and many other metabolic processes

:: Vitamin A – good for cell protection, eyesight, important as a radical scavenger

:: Vitamin D – The body partially looks after this itself when the skin is exposed to the sun. An additional dietary dose promotes bone stability and keeps the immune system intact

:: Coenzym B12 – is used by the body for cell protection, nerve function and blood formation

:: Trigonellin, vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid are strongly suspected to promote hair growth. Together with diosgenin, the active ingredient blocks certain hormones that lead to hair loss and thus protects the hair roots.
Fenugreek is so called because of the „horned“ form. The small seed, is a hardy plant, native to the Mediterranean region and is native to Asia. As far as the effect is concerned, the first scientific ones have already confirmed this studies the millennia-old experiences.


:: Fenugreek seeds are anti-inflammatory, circulation-promoting and wound-healing

:: Pure herbal ingredients

:: No side effects or interactions

:: Simple, uncomplicated application - 2 capsules daily

:: Firm fingernails and pure skin


Nutritional supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the indicated dosage. Keep away from children. Caution is advised during pregnancy. Because the ingredients in fenugreek can cause contractions in the uterus, doctors advise against using fenugreek during pregnancy.

However, it is recommended to take it right after pregnancy due to its positive effect on milk production.

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