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HyaLips Box

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Your Lip Boost System 15ml Hyaluron + Micro Needling Roller


HyaLips Beschreibung


Beautylines HYALIPS Serum contains highly effective hyaluronic acid combined with other high-quality active ingredients such as caffeine and Argireline® and the specially selected ingredient LIPerfection. LIPerfection is a purified extract of mustard sprouts from organic farming, which optimally increases the volume of the lips and optimally improves the skin‘s moisture content. LIPerfection demonstrably increases skin microcirculation, makes the lips appear fuller and increases hydration with just one application. High and low molecular hyaluronic acid provides your lips with optimal moisture. Caffeine clearly stimulates your circulation and Argireline reduces smaller wrinkles.

By combining the HYALIPS Serum and the Micro Needling Roller, you will naturally achieve fuller and suppler lips. HYALIPS Boost System enlarges the lips and moisturizes them. Use improves appearance, definition and color of the lips. For naturally supple, fuller and more attractive lips.


HyaLips Serum 15ml + Micro Needling Roller


Please DO NOT use the Micro Needling Roller if the following applies to you: acne, cold sores, infections, inflammation of the skin, rosacea, allergies to Beautylines HYALIPS ingredients or chronic skin disorders (e.g., neurodermatitis or other skin diseases)!

Please submit dealer prices/staggered prices after the prensentation of your trading licence directly at +43 6462 33 972 or under office@beautylines.eu !

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