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Hyaluron Power Booster

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Anti-Aging Serum 50ml


Hyaluron Power Booster Beschreibung


Beautylines Hyaluron Power Booster contains high quality, molecular-encapsulated hyaluronic acid. Your skin is padded and optimally moisturized. With the successful interaction of the two hyaluronic types, optimal effects are achieved on both the surface and deeper layers of the skin. Our Hyaluron Power Booster ensures an even water balance and achieves positive long-term effects. Actual moisture deposits occur.


The first results can be recorded after regular, 6-week applications. The full result is visible after regular 12-week treatments. We recommend to use the serum permanently to provide the skin with important and highly effective active substances as well as hyaluronic acid. Thus your skin is permanently rejuvenated and vital.


In order to effectively round the Hyaluron Power Booster, caffeine also provides the firming effect. The transport of accumulated tissue fluid is promoted, which leads to a reduction in slight swelling, for example in the eye region.


50ml - ranges up to 5 months of use!

Please submit dealer prices/staggered prices after the presentation of your trading licence directly at +43 6462 33 972 or under office@beautylines.eu !

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