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Hyaluron Drink

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Concentrated hyaluronic acid to drink

2x 250ml


HyaDrink Beschreibung


For centuries, women have been dreaming of youthful skin, beautiful nails and full hair. However, over time, live leaves it traces: the skin loses moisture and elasticity and reveals our true age. There are many different ways to hide the little annoying wrinkles, but a really effective and above all painless treatment, as with the unique 
beautylines HYALURON DRINK create the fewest products.

Your natural wrinkle filler

The beautylines HYALURON DRINK steps in where Mother Nature abandons us after a few years: at our natural wrinkle filler, the hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is an mucopolysaccharide substance witch regulates the balance of water in all of our connective tissue, stopping our skin from drying out.
It is just  pity that as we get older our bodies produce less and less of this anti-wrinkle wonder substance and already in the middle of twenties the first signs of time do noticeable in our face. At the age of 40, our body only produces half of the needed mucopolysaccharide and if we passed at the age of 60, this even decreases to only 10 percent.
But why just not fill up the hyaluronic storage?

Enjoyment for your skin

You can of course take a chance on creams containing hyaluron acid, or painful treatments; or,sip by sip, you can just fight against oft he skin from within using the beautylines HyaDrink. In compound with valuable micronutrients and high quality blueberry extract  the beautylines HYALURON DRINK helps you with filling your wrinkles from the inside, the complexion, to visibly improve your hair and nail structure, your cells protect against oxidative stress, activate your immune system, as well as to strengthen the connective tissue.


:: 100 mg hyaluronic acid
: the elixir of beautylines HYALURONDRINK is won through a special fermentation process from plants and grasses and in a special procedure dissolved in water. This will be a unique molecular structure achieved by the highest possible bioavailability to achieve.
:: Selected micronutrients such as biotin, niacin, riboflavin, zinc and important vitamins such as A and C helps to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.
:: Blueberry Extract.The phenomenal benefits of dating blueberry-derived extract is mainly based on secondary plant substances such as polyphenols.
These radical scavengers stop those molecules that are responsible for the agin process and helps to prevent oxidative stress. Compared with many other fruits and vegetables, this little ones blue fruits have probably the 
highest antioxidant potential and tasting very delicious.
:: Lactose and gluten free
:: Suitable for diabetics
:: Suitable for vegans
:: Free of colorings, artificial flavors and sweeteners
:: Cell regenerating and protection against oxidative stress
:: Fills wrinkles from the inside, by storing moisture
:: Improved complexion, hair and nails

:: Content: two bottles of 250 ml (enough for a 50-day cure)

Please submit dealer prices/staggered prices after presentation of trading licence directly at +43 6462 33 972 or under office@beautylines.eu !


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