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New Hair Serum 50ml

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Natural hair growth system


New Hair Serum Beschreibung


If more hair is falling out or the hair always looks thinner, it is always a big burden for everyone who is affected – no matter whether a man or a woman.

There are different types of hair loss that have different causes. In most cases, hormonal factors play a role. Even with hereditary hair loss, hair follicles shrink to entirely miniature versions. These mini-follicles then produce only an extremely short, thin hair that is barely visible. At the same time, the normal growth phase of the follicles lasting several years shortens to a few weeks. Thus the problem is not that hair falls out, but that only microscopic hair grows back.

On the scalp, there are several areas where the hair follicles react differently. The result is a typical pattern that indicates hormonal hair loss. In men, a high forehead, receding hairline and bald patches form on the top of the head. Eventually, often only a coil of hair exists. In women hormonal hair loss often occurs in the area where the hair is parted.

You can definitely do something about hair loss!

But: the sooner the better. 


With advanced hair loss, over time the hair roots regress. If the hair roots lose their function completely, they are stunted and hair loss is then unfortunately no longer reversible.
If you notice the first signs, Beautylines NEW HAIR can be useful and gentle to prevent or slow down the progression.
Beautylines NEW HAIR is characterized by excellent compatibility. The aqueous solution does not stick and leaves no unpleasant residue on the scalp.

When will I see first signs of success?

How fast the first visible signs of success appear varies from person to person and depends on the consequences of the application, age and other factors. For most customers however, the first improvements are visible after about 8-10 weeks of daily and careful use. The application should be continued on an ongoing basis to further enhance or to maintain the results

Alternatives and side effects?

Beautylines NEW HAIR is safe to use as a cosmetic product. Irritation is the exception, but may occur if you have a scalp disorder. In such cases, consult your doctor and discontinue use. In the unlikely event of irritation, wash the affected area thoroughly with sufficient water. Do not use if there is a known intolerability with any of the ingredients. Do not apply to damaged areas of skin. Do not use during pregnancy, breastfeeding or chemotherapy. Keep away from children.

In case of hair loss, a doctor should always be consulted to clarify the cause!

What else can you  do for hair loss?

It is important to provide the body with the right nutrients from within as well. We recommend that you additionally bolster your system with Beautylines HAIR ACTIVATOR capsules. The natural ingredient fenugreek has many positive properties for the body. Noteworthy is its phenomenal effect on the hair, skin and nails.
In addition, take advantage of the natural means of fenugreek to strengthen your hair roots from the inside.


A perfect result can only be achieved with a regular application.
Your hair follicles need to be informed daily about the active substances in order to develop accordingly.

Contents: 50ml - for an application of up to 5 months 

Please submit dealer prices/staggered prices after the presentation of your trading licence directly at  +43 6462 33 972 or under office@beautylines.eu !

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